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About Us

Julia Holland


  Julia is a singing teacher, vocal performance coach, creative activist, musical mentor, producer/director of the Nine O'Clock Players, and Arts Commissioner for the City of Malibu. From Pop artists, singer/songwriters, and musical theater actors, to civilians who’d love to sing outside the shower but didn’t know they could, Julia helps people find their voice. She nurtures her students’ love of music, and celebrates each person’s unique and wonderful instrument. She offers a truly healing and fun experience.

Kathryn Linehan


  Kathryn is a filmmaker and producer, sports medicine personal trainer/body therapist, meditator in motion, and avid observer of birds in fluid formation. In life and work, her guiding principles come from her great passions: nature and cinematography. Her personal practice of meditation was sparked by observing light below the ocean’s surface. She believes that just as, in film, “the best light is that which is taken away,” guiding others to the peace within requires restraint and a gentle touch. In her two decades of teaching meditation, she’s discovered that spiritual transformation is like sensing the energy of a cresting wave and diving straight through.

Jenny Sheffer Stevens


  Jenny is a writer, actor, yoga instructor, and teaching artist specializing in innovative interdisciplinary practices that stretch and strengthen both the body and the imagination. A recent NYC-to-LA transplant, she’s an east coast urbanite thrilled to be indulging her inner west coast beach bum. She’s also a moderate health nut, immoderate talker, and shameless shoe enthusiast, with unruly hair. Jenny loves great coffee and passable wine, funny people, books on paper, the New York Times, shelter magazines, large popcorns at small movies, her garden, Topanga Canyon at sunrise, the Hudson River at sunset, and Malibu whenever possible.